Safe Pass

Description: The SOLAS Safe Pass programme is a one-day Safety Awareness Training programme aimed at all workers in construction, including new entrants, to ensure that they have a basic knowledge of health and safety.   It complies with the provisions of Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, and the Safety Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007.

Students on the course: Minimum = 8, Maximum = 20.

*please note, SOLAS set the attendance requirements for this course, so if insufficient attendees turn up on the day, Celtic Safety Training may be forced to cancel.


Duration: 1 Day

Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of Health and Safety is beneficial before an individual completes this course, and individuals need to be over 16 years old.

Requirements: Individuals need to bring with them one Passport Photo, their PPS number & Form of ID.

Why you should attend: It is important that all workers have a basic knowledge of health and safety to make them aware of the inherent dangers on construction sites so that they will not be a risk to themselves or to their co-workers who work alongside them.  Any worker who alters, interferes or changes a building must in time have a Safe Pass card. The requirement applies to all workers in the construction sector. Cards must be refreshed every four years.

Aims of the Programme:

  1. To raise the standard of safety awareness in the construction industry.
  2. To ensure that all site personnel undergo basic health and safety awareness training with the view to making a positive contribution to the prevention of accidents and avoidance of health hazards
  3. Maintain a register of personnel who have received such training
  4. To provide all participants with a SOLAS Safe Pass registration card, which will indicate that, the holder has attended a formal course in health and safety awareness.

Benefits to Employers – 1) Improved Safety Culture 2) Reduction in accidents on site 3) Reduction in lost time due to accidents 4) Improve employee morale 5) Identification of personnel with recognised Safety Awareness Training

Benefits to Employees – 1) Improved Health and Safety Awareness 2) Recognition of Safety Training 3) Personal Development 4) Provision of a Safe Pass registration card 5) Improved employment prospects

Course Content – includes the reasons for promoting safety, accident reporting and emergency procedure, health and hygiene, manual handling, working at heights, and the safe use of vehicles and personal protective equipment to name but a few.

Certification: Successful candidates will be issued with a SOLAS Safe Pass Card.

NOTE: Payment must be made in full before booking can be confirmed.  If course is cancelled by Celtic Safety Training, a full refund is issued.  For cancellation made by students within 5 days of course start date, no refund can be given.  Cancellations made by the student more than 5 days before the course start date, 50% refund only. Deposits cannot be refunded.