Fire Warden / Fire Marshal


Description: Fire Wardens/Fire Marshal’s are responsible for preparing an Emergency Plan, outlining the actions to be taken in the event of a fire, which is to be put into action by them in the event of a fire outbreak.  This course trains attendees on how to be a Fire Warden, and also provides them training on how to use a Fire Extinguisher.

Students on the course: Minimum = 4 Maximum = 12

Duration: 1/2 Day (3.5 hours)

Pre-Requisites: None

Requirements: A form of ID, i.e. Passport, Drivers License & PPS Number.

Why you should attend: On completion of this course, participants will have a good understanding of the importance of safe evacuation, what extinguishers to use for various fires and how to deal with the emergency services.

Course Content: Topics that will be covered are:

  • Legislation
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Triangle of Fire
  • Classification of Fires
  • Causes of Fire
  • Spread of Fire
  • Smoke Behaviour
  • Moving in Smoke and Darkness
  • Search Procedures
  • Assembly Points
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Use of Fire Extinguishers

A Practical use and Demonstration of the fire extinguishers on the day, is also included.

Certification: Successful candidates will be issued with a Certificate of Competence in Fire Warden Training.

NOTE: Payment must be made in full or else deposit of 25% must be received before booking can be confirmed.  If course is cancelled by Celtic Safety Training, a full refund is issued.  For cancellation made by students within 5 days of course start date, no refund can be given.  Cancellations made by the student more than 5 days before the course start date, 50% refund only. Deposits cannot be refunded.